• Chieftain 42

    Robust, heavy, and elegant. The most premium Corne case available, perfect for your home productivity battlestation.


  • Scout 42

    Low profile, wireless-centric, and travel friendly. Perfect for long days of getting work done all around campus.

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  • Discrete, Adjustable Tenting

    The tenting on the Chieftain is durable and customizable. With up to 4 legs per side, you can even tent on two angles!

  • Robust Aluminum Design

    At over a pound of 6061 aluminum, this is one of the heftiest split keyboards out there, giving it a strong, premium feel.

  • O-Ring Mounting

    The separate plate and sandwich o-ring mount system allows better acoustics and feel than integrated plate systems.

  • Battery Compartment

    Unique to this design, a compartment is included to conceal a large lipo battery – around two months of charging-free use.

  • Low-Pro Aluminum or Polycarbonate Body

    Machined from 6061 aluminum or polycarbonate, the Scout doesn't sacrifice strength and style for its portability.

  • O-Ring Mounting

    The aluminum (or polycarbonate!) plate being separate from the case allows for a sandwich o-ring mount system, leading to better accoustics and feel than integrated plates.