Complementing the Chieftain, the Scout was designed with mobility and convenience in mind. It features a sleek, low-profile design that easily fits into your bag. Its large battery compartment allows prolonged wireless use, ensuring uninterrupted use on the go. The Scout’s quick screw-in tenting allows for swift setup and pack-up. This all makes the scout an elegant portable and convenient ergonomic keyboard case.

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  • Sleek Portable Body

    Low profile and machined from durable aluminum or lightweight acrylic, the Scout doesn't sacrifice strength or style for its portability.

  • Large Battery Compartment

    A compartment is included to conceal a large 750mAh lipo battery – months of charging free use.

  • O-Ring Mounting

    Like the Chieftain, the Scout features oring style mounting options for improved keyswitch sound and feel


The Scout comes in two different models, depending on what compatibility you are looking for. Take a look below to figure out which one suits you the best!

Model 1 - Typeractive Choc Spaced

Convenient and compact

Designed specifically for Typeractive's wireless corne kit. This is a slightly more compact (choc-spaced) model. You can purchase everything you need for a complete build, including a partially assembled PCB and the larger 750 mAh batteries this case is designed for, here on Typeractive's site.

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Model 2 - MX Spaced (General Compatibility)

Maximum Compatibility

MX spaced, and compatible with almost all other corne PCB's. That includes models such as MX spaced Choc switch PCBs, or the new Gateron Low Profile switch PCBs. Wireless only or wired compatible, you make the choice! Chances are, if you already have a corne that you want to transfer into a new case, this will fit.

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How does a Group Buy Work?

In a group buy, expect your order to take months to ship from the time the GB closes. Interest and purchases are collected prior to the manufacturing order, so lead times are long. For the Scout, I estimate shipping to happen around December to January.

Other Disclaimers

This is a case only, no electronics are included.

There may be minor design changes from any prototype image or render to the final design. (There would be discussion on the Discord)

What's included?

For the standard kit with OLED covers included, you will receive:

  • 2 cases
  • 2 plates
  • 2 OLED covers
  • Hardware to mount your corne into the case
  • Hardware to mount the OLED cover to your PCB
  • Tenting hardware