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Build Your Chieftain 42 (Group Buy)

Build Your Chieftain 42 (Group Buy)

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The Chieftain 42 is a keyboard case for the Corne keyboard, essentially the most popular custom split keyboard out there. This was designed to be a hefty, luxurious, and elegant case that I hope peaks your interest!

It also includes a tenting kit which uses multiple standoffs to give you different tenting height and angle options. 

Click Here for build guide! 

REMEMBER this is a group buy, check the information below.

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  • Discreet, Adjustable Tenting

    The tenting on the Chieftain is durable and customizable. With up to 4 legs per side, you can even tent on two angles!

  • Robust Aluminum Design

    At over a pound of 6061 aluminum, this is one of the heftiest split keyboards out there, giving it a strong, premium feel.

  • O-Ring Mounting

    The separate plate and sandwich o-ring mount system allows better acoustics and feel than integrated plate systems.

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What's in the box?

2 Case Halves

2 Plates

Basic Tenting Hardware (M4)

  • 4 Thin Nuts
  • 8 12mm Tenting Legs
  • 4 20mm Tenting Legs
  • 4 30mm Tenting Legs
  • 16 M4 Nylon Washers

Plate Assembly Hardware:

  • 20 M2 Brass standoffs - 5mm for oring mount, 8mm for standard mount
  • 20 M2 Screws
  • 40 1mm ID Orings


How does a Group Buy Work?

In a group buy, expect your order to take over a month to ship from the time the GB closes. Interest and purchases is collected prior to the manufacturing order, so lead times are long. (However they will be shorter than this for the Chieftain R2 due to some preorder logistics I did, but worst case still stands)


This case set should be compatible with most wired and wireless MX-SPACED* Corne PCBs that do not have extra parts that stick out. Discuss on the Discord for confirmation. If you have an existing Corne Plate that you want to use, you will also be able to use that, assuming that it is MX-spaced.

*Most PCBs are, it basically means it is for normal key switches, not a special condensed layout for low profile switches

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